Whether long or short form, for social media or large-scale viewing, NI can craft videos for any event or activity. Check out the NI portfolio below and use the contact form to connect and get your project done today.

Client: The Family of the Honorable Calvin C. Goode

Event: Celebration of Life for the Honorable Calvin C. Goode

Project: Cold open animation used for transitions during program elements

Client: The Greater Phoenix Urban League

Event: 75th Anniversary Celebration and Whitney M. Young, Jr. Awards Celebration

Project: Cold open animation used at the beginning of the virtual program

Client: NAACP-Maricopa County Branch

Event: 2020 Virtual Freedom Fund Celebration

Project: Honoree Video Presentation featuring Dr. Warren H. Stewart, Sr., President's Award Recipient

Client: Kut Haus Productions

Event: Promotional Material

Project: Promotional Video for ATS Animee Series